jueves, 29 de marzo de 2012

The return of the Elder Aeon!

After some time of silence, the dark and mystical Death Metal band Eldereon comes with "The Unsacred Codex", a new track which was recorded as a promo/single to show that the band is still alive.

While "Blood of the Dying" is still fresh, the band will work in their next opus now, which title will be "Hierarchy of the Fathers". Enjoy it!

Eldereon 2010

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martes, 27 de marzo de 2012

El trono olvidado de Briargh...

Lower Silesian Stronghold will re-release "Vn Antigvo Trono Olvidado" in the next months. This MCD was released by Briargh himself in a very limited edition, and shortly after, out via Salute Records, in another limited edition, both in CDr. 

Now, LSS will make a total pro CD, as it deserves, with a new song as bonus track in a total running time of 30 min. 

1. Vcieda
2. Cantábrico
3. Yrostos
4. Thor
5. Berkjv
6. Two Ravens (Bonus Track)

Dvx Bellorvm (All instruments & vocals) 2011

"Vcieda" song

"Cantábrico" song

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sábado, 17 de marzo de 2012

New Hrizg attack!

The Underground label Negra Nit Distro will release the next work of Hrizg in the coming months. The format will be a total cult EP in vinyl 7", called "Throne of the Occult". 
This new work will count with new influences that come from the more epic Black Metal to the Doom/Death Metal, including deep growls and pagan/satanic traditional chatns of the middle age.

1. Throne of the Occult
2. Black Phoenix
3. Pain Calls for Pain

Hrizg: All vocals, Acoustic/Lead/Rhythm guitars, Bass, Keyboards & Drums.

Laura Prado: Guest female vocals.

Hear a sample of some moments of "Throne of the Occult":

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viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012

More news!!!

- Lower Silesian Stronghold will re-release "Vn Antigvo Trono Olvidado" in MCD format. It will contain "Two Ravens" as bonus track for this release. The cover art will change a bit.


- In the other hand, Negra Nit will release "Throne of the Occult" for Hrizg in the coming months. This EP will be unleashed in vinyl of 7". At the same time, Obscuratio Records will do the same in tape format. You can check a premix version here:

- Undernoise are preparing new stuff of killer psycho Grind/Death Metal in the old school vein. They plan to enter in studio soon to record an EP.