sábado, 25 de diciembre de 2010

Underground Related News

Hrizg's "Inferno" demo is finished, and will be out through Aural Offerings Records in early 2011, in tape format.

Track List:

Inferno I - The Awakening
Inferno II - To Yield Below the Frozen Sky
Inferno III - Shadowshield
Inferno IV - Ars Goetia

All tracks were recorded by Hrizg itself in Khazad-Dûm Studio "The Old Hermitage" in Winter 2010.

Hear something at: http://www.myspace.com/hrizg

jueves, 23 de diciembre de 2010


New Briargh patches!
3€ + postal costs.

Write to: labarosrecords@gmail.com

FUCKING Underground Musick-SHOP

Note that Morbid Shrine Productions is not a distributor, just a label, but you can get some of the bands we support:

CIRCLE OF THE FIVE SERPENTS - CD - (Morbid Shrine Productions/Sanroman Recs - 2011) // 10€
Eight tracks of pure Cantabrian Pagan Metal full of strenght and melody. The second album of this veteran Pagan Metal band from the north of Spain.


NABIA OREBIA / OROMEINAREN SUSTRAIAK - Split CD - (Draug-Dûr Productions - 2007) // 8€
A brotherhood of two North-Iberian Pagan Metal bands: Omendark and CrystalMoors. The first ones more Black Metal oriented. CrystalMoors more into their Celtic Metal tradition.


THE UNCONQUERED LAND - MCD - (Draug-Dûr Productions - 2003) // 5€
First professional work of the band.

SPECIAL OFFER: You can get the three pieces of CrystalMoors, "The Unconquered Land", "Nabia Orebia" and "Circle of the Five Serpents", for only 20€


VN ANTIGVO TRONO OLVIDADO - MCD - (Salute Records - 2011) // 3€
Released in CDr, the last studio work of this one-man-band, playing Pagan Black Metal.


KRIGAS - CD - (Lower Silesian Stronghold - 2010) // 10€
Second album, with more elements of Folk Music, but still in the mid tempo of Epic Black Metal.


KANTTRUG - CD - (Fatal Ecstasy Productions - 2009) // 10€
Re-release of the first album of Briargh. More Black Metal oriented. Las copies!! (Soon will be re-released via Morbid Shrine Productions).


BLOOD OF THE DYING - CD - (Till You Fukkin Bleed - 2011) // 10€
First album of this Death Metal act which contains several Black Metal and Doom Metal elements.


INTO THE MOONSHINE / APOCALYPTIC REVELATIONS - Split CD - (Antichristian Front Records - 2009) // 6€
Split CD of this two bands: Ered and Eldereon. Two very different ways of doing Black/Death Metal.

SPECIAL OFFER: Get the two Eldereon works for only 12€.


INFERNO - MCD - (Moribund Records - 2011) // 8€
Last release of Hrizg till date. Infernal Black Metal, with Doom Metal touches.


ANTHEMS TO DECREPITUDE - CD - (Moribund Records - 2011) // 10€
Second album of this one-man-band. Black Metal in the vein of the second wave of this Black art.


OAKEN PATH OF GRIEF - CD - (Wraith Productions - 2007) // 10€
First album, more Raw Black Metal oriented, with influences of the old Polish ones. Last copies!!


write to: labarosrecords@gmail.com


You can get the only Hrizg's t-shirt till date, with the phrase: "The Mjöllnir doesn't belong to Celtibiera - STOP THE VIKING FASHION!"
10 € + postal costs.
All sizes!
Write to:

domingo, 5 de diciembre de 2010



I am proud to announce that I am in negotiations with some members of BittenCross which were a part of the Black Metal act Fatal Portrait (RIP). They recorded a demo version of their acclaimed "Adventum", their second album, which I want to release next.

More news soon...

jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010


Next demos to be released:

MoonShine "Remembrance II" - Death/Black/Doom Metal. All their demos plus a new and exclusive track after 10 years of silence.

Pesticum "Fog's Nocturnal Sadness" - Black Metal. Epic and raw Grim Black Metal with some norwegian and polish elements.

Spekthrvm "Creation's Failure" - Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal with some epic touches. Compilation of all the works of this one-man-band plus a new and exclusive remix of one of their old tracks.

lunes, 29 de noviembre de 2010


Fog of the Apocalypse (Germany)
Aural Offerings Records (France)
Grave Ritual Productions (Spain)

Labaros Records (Spain)
War Flagellation Productions (Portugal)
Winter Solace Productions (USA)

Trades here: labarosrecords@gmail.com


Just after the release of Hrizg's "Anthems to Decrepitude" we will unleash Spekthrvm, another solo project of Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal which includes all the stuff ever recorded by this band. This material is unique and exclusive for this release.
Hear something in: www.myspace.com/spekthrvm

We are really proud to announce MoonShine's return to scene. Morbid Shrine Productions will re-release their acclaimed "Remembrance II" in tape format with a new song as bonus track. A new song in 10 years! Death/Black Metal in the mid 90's style. Influenced by Dissection, Dismember, Unanimated, Cemetary and, even, Paradise Lost.

More info soon!!

miércoles, 24 de noviembre de 2010


Hrizg's new misanthropic opus "Anthems to Decrepitude" is finally out, after of almost two years of several problems. Initially, this work was done to be released in CD format first. But things change and we offer you this album for first time in official release.

Expect more than 45 minutes of cold, nihilist and yet epic raw Black Metal in eleven tracks. Fast and furious songs meet with mid and slow tempo of total darkness. It includes an acoustic track and another one in the vein of old Mortiis.


Trades are hellcome!!!
Write to: labarosrecords@gmail.com

Hrizg "Anthems to Decrepitude"

HRIZG "Anthems to Decrepitude" MSP001

Release date: 24th of November, 2010.
Style: Occult Black Metal.
Format: Demo Tape.
Status: Sold Out.

01. The Infernal Scripture
02. I Hate
03. Ab Aeterno
04. Opposite to Light
05. Anthem to Decrepitude
06. Angercraft
07. Necrosanctum
08. Into the Caves of Earth
09. Invierno
10. In Solitude
11. Broken Shield

Recorded, mixed and mastered in Khazad-Dûm Studios between the years 2008/2009.
Limited to 200 hand numbered copies.
Line up: Hrizg in all instruments and vocals.
Description: Celtiberian Black Metal. A mix between early Mayhem and the very first Dark Funeral, Marduk, Satyricon or Taake, with some elements of the southern Black Metal hordes like early Moonspell and Rotting Christ.


Fog of the Apocalypse (Germany)
Aural Offerings Records (France)
Grave Ritual Productions (Spain)

Labaros Records (Spain)
War Flagellation Productions (Portugal)
Winter Solace Productions (USA)