sábado, 24 de noviembre de 2012

20 years of blasphemy

Some history...

The flames of LUCIFUEGO started in the last of 1992, when Lucifuego Master (guitar, bass and vocals) met with Astaroth (drums) to create an impious Black Metal, influenced by Bathory, Venom, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Sodom and the growing Northern wave, like Mayhem, Darkthrone, Immortal, Burzum, Beherit or Impaled Nazarene.

Months later, Lucifuego Master decided to go on with the project, recruiting Chuchi as session drummer (from the band Abhorrent and Inner Dogma). Then, in 1993 they record “Winds of the Past” demo, consisting in one song with intro and outro, which was produced by Gerar (Anticlerical, Dalle Killers) in an analogic four tracks.
“Winds of the Past” was distributed through some nacional and International zines, having some success in the Underground of that time.

In the next two years, Lucifuego Master wrote six tracks for “Blaze of Lust”, which was also recorded in four tracks in 1995, but this time with Lucifuego Master as producer. He did the layout and distribution by himself. He also counted with Argus on drums (Undernoise, Stinkupus) and Dettenbach in bass guitar (Undernoise). Today, only Argus remains in the line up.

“Blaze of Lust” was limited to only 66 copies and it never was re-released, despite some of those copies were special by the fact that they were signed in blood and distributed with human bones.

In 1996, Lucifuego Master decides to put an end to the project, due to some personal issues. He never talked about it, and he won’t do that.

In 2005, after of being working in new songs, LUCIFUEGO returned to record “El Renacer del Mal”, helped by Darwkswamp on guitars (Eldereon, Hrizg, Briargh, Moonshine…), who also produced the new album in the Khazad-Dûm Studios.

After of a very limited distribution, once again, they decided to release it through the Colombian label Church in Flames Records, in split CD with the band PROFANUS. This happened in 2007, and the release was limited to 200 copies, under the name of “Shouts of Christian Desperation at the Throne of Lucifer”.

During years of partial inactivity, LUCIFUEGO gets a deal with Unmerciful Death Productions (USA), in 2012, for the release of “El Renacer del Mal” on CD and vinyl. After it, Enserune Akhbâmath is summoned to bass guitar (Encólera), and with her, they start to write the new album, which name isn’t still revealed by Lucifuego Master.

The actual line up is:

Lucifuego Master - Vocals
Darkswamp - Guitars, Synths

Enserune Akhbâmath - Bass
Argus - Drums

The legacy of Lucifuego...

1993 - Lucifuego (Demo)
1995 - Blaze of Lust (Demo)
2005 - El Renacer del Mal (Album)
2012 - El Último Amanecer de los Mortales (Demo)

Some actual news...

- Lucifuego will release "El Renacer del Mal" via Unmerciful Death Productions on vinyl and CD.
- The band is working in a new album, helped with 
Enserune Akhbâmath on bass.
- Lucifuego is planning to work a promotional video. More news about it soon!

Song: Black Suicide (from the demo "Blaze of Lust")

Song: Mi Nombre es Legión (from the album "El Renacer del Mal")

Interview done to Lucifuego Master in the mid of 90's (not sure when), just after of "Winds of the Past" demo. It is done in Spanish.