lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

Below the Shadows of Pestilence

Qrixkuor is not a real band, it is just a project of some members of Forestdome, CrystalMoors, Eldereon... In fact is a project created by Gharador (exForestdome and CrystalMoors) and Erun-Dagoth (exForestdome, exCrystalMoors, Eldereon, Moonshine, Hrizg, Briargh...). 

Around 2007, Gharador recorded drums. Initially, they were done for another project, but it never was recorded. Drums were filed and forgotten till 2010, when Erun-Dagoth finished the recording with guitars, bass, synths and vocals. The result was "Below the Shadows of Pestilence", which will be released around July via Obscuratio Records (Spa) in tape format. 

1. Choir of Abominations and Sorrow
2. Putrescence and Obliteration
3. The Wheel of Death

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martes, 5 de junio de 2012

Thy Will be Done!!!

Moonshine was created in 1996 from the ashes of Nekrom, by Erun-Dagoth (CrystalMoors, Briargh, Hrizg, Eldereon) and Faramir (CrystalMoors). One year later, they record a rehearsal tape which was distributed in Spain, helped by a session drummer. 
At the last of 1997, Jose and Iván Santalla are recruited on guitars and drums. They came from the disbanded Opposer (now reunited again). With this line up, they record the second rehearsal tape which had a very Underground distribution (a must in Moonshine's life). 
Just after the recording of this last effort, in early 1998, Iván Santalla leaves the band, and Valen (Undernoise) joined to help on drums. After of several gigs, in 1999, they record "Remembrance", their first studio demo with a very sucessful result between the Underground Death/Black Metal maniacs worlwide. 
Valen leaves Moonshine, and Iván Santalla returns to start the strong live promotion of "Remembrance", in Sonido XXI, which was first self-financed by the band in tape and CDr formats. 
After of a lot of gigs through Spain (even with bands like Marduk, Mystic Circle and tons of Spanish Underground acts, being one of those gigs recorded and distributed in a very small quantity), Moonshine records their second studio demo: "The Voice of the Elders", in early 2001. 
Some problems made Iván Santalla leave the band again, and Moonshine recruited Gharador ( CrystalMoors , Forestdome).
Dark Pressage Productions releases both official demos in one, with the name of "Remembrance" (also known as "Remembrance II"), and they start the live promotion. 
Gothmog ( CrystalMoors , BittenCross) helps them on keyboards, being a five piece band for first time.
2002 was the end of the band. Jose, Faramir and Gothmog left, and the band turned in  Eldereon (now  Eldereon and Moonshine are two different bands with different musical approach).

In 2010 Jose and Erun-Dagoth talks about to return as Moonshine and they summon Kerkus on guitars. After of several drummers, they record the promo song "The Prophet's Sleepless Dream", and the actual demo in promotion: "...Among Centuries (Thy Will be Done)", in the infamous Khazad-Dûm Studios, regarding the raw sound of the old demos. A new step for the band, regarding the old sound and songs in a old school view of Death/Black Metal. Mandatory for those fans of old days of Necrophobic, Paradise Lost, Hypocrisy or Edge of Sanity.
The tape version will be unleashed through Obscuratio Records!!!

1. Return in Affliction
2. Thus Transmitted the Havoc Orb
3. Dismal Domain
4. The Voice of the Elders

Line up:
Erun-Dagoth: Bass/Vocals/Session drums
Jose: Guitars
Kerkus: Guitars

Moonshine 2012 (not an official shot) drinking in a Metal fest.

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