sábado, 25 de diciembre de 2010

Underground Related News

Hrizg's "Inferno" demo is finished, and will be out through Aural Offerings Records in early 2011, in tape format.

Track List:

Inferno I - The Awakening
Inferno II - To Yield Below the Frozen Sky
Inferno III - Shadowshield
Inferno IV - Ars Goetia

All tracks were recorded by Hrizg itself in Khazad-Dûm Studio "The Old Hermitage" in Winter 2010.

Hear something at: http://www.myspace.com/hrizg

jueves, 23 de diciembre de 2010


New Briargh patches!
3€ + postal costs.

Write to: labarosrecords@gmail.com

FUCKING Underground Musick-SHOP

Note that Morbid Shrine Productions is not a distributor, just a label, but you can get some of the bands we support:

CIRCLE OF THE FIVE SERPENTS - CD - (Morbid Shrine Productions/Sanroman Recs - 2011) // 10€
Eight tracks of pure Cantabrian Pagan Metal full of strenght and melody. The second album of this veteran Pagan Metal band from the north of Spain.


NABIA OREBIA / OROMEINAREN SUSTRAIAK - Split CD - (Draug-Dûr Productions - 2007) // 8€
A brotherhood of two North-Iberian Pagan Metal bands: Omendark and CrystalMoors. The first ones more Black Metal oriented. CrystalMoors more into their Celtic Metal tradition.


THE UNCONQUERED LAND - MCD - (Draug-Dûr Productions - 2003) // 5€
First professional work of the band.

SPECIAL OFFER: You can get the three pieces of CrystalMoors, "The Unconquered Land", "Nabia Orebia" and "Circle of the Five Serpents", for only 20€


VN ANTIGVO TRONO OLVIDADO - MCD - (Salute Records - 2011) // 3€
Released in CDr, the last studio work of this one-man-band, playing Pagan Black Metal.


KRIGAS - CD - (Lower Silesian Stronghold - 2010) // 10€
Second album, with more elements of Folk Music, but still in the mid tempo of Epic Black Metal.


KANTTRUG - CD - (Fatal Ecstasy Productions - 2009) // 10€
Re-release of the first album of Briargh. More Black Metal oriented. Las copies!! (Soon will be re-released via Morbid Shrine Productions).


BLOOD OF THE DYING - CD - (Till You Fukkin Bleed - 2011) // 10€
First album of this Death Metal act which contains several Black Metal and Doom Metal elements.


INTO THE MOONSHINE / APOCALYPTIC REVELATIONS - Split CD - (Antichristian Front Records - 2009) // 6€
Split CD of this two bands: Ered and Eldereon. Two very different ways of doing Black/Death Metal.

SPECIAL OFFER: Get the two Eldereon works for only 12€.


INFERNO - MCD - (Moribund Records - 2011) // 8€
Last release of Hrizg till date. Infernal Black Metal, with Doom Metal touches.


ANTHEMS TO DECREPITUDE - CD - (Moribund Records - 2011) // 10€
Second album of this one-man-band. Black Metal in the vein of the second wave of this Black art.


OAKEN PATH OF GRIEF - CD - (Wraith Productions - 2007) // 10€
First album, more Raw Black Metal oriented, with influences of the old Polish ones. Last copies!!


write to: labarosrecords@gmail.com


You can get the only Hrizg's t-shirt till date, with the phrase: "The Mjöllnir doesn't belong to Celtibiera - STOP THE VIKING FASHION!"
10 € + postal costs.
All sizes!
Write to:

domingo, 5 de diciembre de 2010



I am proud to announce that I am in negotiations with some members of BittenCross which were a part of the Black Metal act Fatal Portrait (RIP). They recorded a demo version of their acclaimed "Adventum", their second album, which I want to release next.

More news soon...

jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010


Next demos to be released:

MoonShine "Remembrance II" - Death/Black/Doom Metal. All their demos plus a new and exclusive track after 10 years of silence.

Pesticum "Fog's Nocturnal Sadness" - Black Metal. Epic and raw Grim Black Metal with some norwegian and polish elements.

Spekthrvm "Creation's Failure" - Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal with some epic touches. Compilation of all the works of this one-man-band plus a new and exclusive remix of one of their old tracks.