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20 years of blasphemy

Some history...

The flames of LUCIFUEGO started in the last of 1992, when Lucifuego Master (guitar, bass and vocals) met with Astaroth (drums) to create an impious Black Metal, influenced by Bathory, Venom, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Sodom and the growing Northern wave, like Mayhem, Darkthrone, Immortal, Burzum, Beherit or Impaled Nazarene.

Months later, Lucifuego Master decided to go on with the project, recruiting Chuchi as session drummer (from the band Abhorrent and Inner Dogma). Then, in 1993 they record “Winds of the Past” demo, consisting in one song with intro and outro, which was produced by Gerar (Anticlerical, Dalle Killers) in an analogic four tracks.
“Winds of the Past” was distributed through some nacional and International zines, having some success in the Underground of that time.

In the next two years, Lucifuego Master wrote six tracks for “Blaze of Lust”, which was also recorded in four tracks in 1995, but this time with Lucifuego Master as producer. He did the layout and distribution by himself. He also counted with Argus on drums (Undernoise, Stinkupus) and Dettenbach in bass guitar (Undernoise). Today, only Argus remains in the line up.

“Blaze of Lust” was limited to only 66 copies and it never was re-released, despite some of those copies were special by the fact that they were signed in blood and distributed with human bones.

In 1996, Lucifuego Master decides to put an end to the project, due to some personal issues. He never talked about it, and he won’t do that.

In 2005, after of being working in new songs, LUCIFUEGO returned to record “El Renacer del Mal”, helped by Darwkswamp on guitars (Eldereon, Hrizg, Briargh, Moonshine…), who also produced the new album in the Khazad-Dûm Studios.

After of a very limited distribution, once again, they decided to release it through the Colombian label Church in Flames Records, in split CD with the band PROFANUS. This happened in 2007, and the release was limited to 200 copies, under the name of “Shouts of Christian Desperation at the Throne of Lucifer”.

During years of partial inactivity, LUCIFUEGO gets a deal with Unmerciful Death Productions (USA), in 2012, for the release of “El Renacer del Mal” on CD and vinyl. After it, Enserune Akhbâmath is summoned to bass guitar (Encólera), and with her, they start to write the new album, which name isn’t still revealed by Lucifuego Master.

The actual line up is:

Lucifuego Master - Vocals
Darkswamp - Guitars, Synths

Enserune Akhbâmath - Bass
Argus - Drums

The legacy of Lucifuego...

1993 - Lucifuego (Demo)
1995 - Blaze of Lust (Demo)
2005 - El Renacer del Mal (Album)
2012 - El Último Amanecer de los Mortales (Demo)

Some actual news...

- Lucifuego will release "El Renacer del Mal" via Unmerciful Death Productions on vinyl and CD.
- The band is working in a new album, helped with 
Enserune Akhbâmath on bass.
- Lucifuego is planning to work a promotional video. More news about it soon!

Song: Black Suicide (from the demo "Blaze of Lust")

Song: Mi Nombre es Legión (from the album "El Renacer del Mal")

Interview done to Lucifuego Master in the mid of 90's (not sure when), just after of "Winds of the Past" demo. It is done in Spanish.

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Spekthrvm was a solo project of Erun-Dagoth (Eldereon, Moonshine, Briargh, Hrizg...) created in 2003 and finished in 2005 with the only purpose of create a kind of mixture between Atmospherical Doom Metal and Death Metal with melody in the old Swedish way. 

Despite of the horrible drums, the music of Spekthrvm has a lot of sad and ancient feeling, bringing the old style that you can hear in Moonshine or Eldereon, for example.

Erun-Dagoth (2001)

"Spectres" Demo compilation

1. Symbols of Ancient Grief (new mix)
2. Intro (God Bleeds)
3. Wolfnight (Cry of the Antichrist)
4. Searching for a Deal with the Stars
5. Outro
6. The Breath of the Liars
7. Symbols of Ancient Grief
8. Shrines of Human Flesh

Tracks 2 to 5 taken from the "Spectres over a Dying Paradise" 2005
Tracks 6 and 7 takenf rom the demo "Cosmic Graveyard" 2005
Track 8 from a rehearsal demo of 2003.

All music/lyrics written and recorded by Erun-Dagoth


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the Spanish/Greek brotherhood

We have copies of "Restoration/Kydoimos", the last effort of Lower Silessian Stronghold in cooperation with Darker than Black. This split CD between BRIARGH and AASGARD is a perfect union in the European Underground, with the awesome art of Igor Mugerza.

Briargh has recorded four tracks in the melancholic way of always. This time, with more fast drums and blast beats. Produced in the Khazad-Dûm Studios, it's sound is raw but deep and clear.

Aasgard is a Greek band which performs a raw and old school Black Metal, with some influences from the Polish, Greek and northern style. 

Get your copies here: labarosrecords@gmail.com or aethyr_666@yahoo.gr

More info:


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Don't forget BITTENCROSS!!!

BITTENCROSS emerged in November 2008 from the ashes of Fatal Portrait. After many conversations, three of the original founders of Fatal Portrait (Varhken, Phallux and Orgen) developed a new Black Metal project. While the new project was coming into shape, the guys got in touch with Pulsarth (from Noesis, a band where Phallux and Varhken also play) and asked him to be in charge of the bass.

In January 2009, the line up was completed with Abathor (from Gathering Darkness and Detriment Sorrow) as second guitarist. It was then when the composition works started; ten different songs were developed but only seven of them were finally recorded in Novermber at Khazad-Dûm studios, where the owner, Erun-Dagoth (Briargh, Hrizg, ex-CrystalMoors, Eldereon, Moonshine) produced the material, recorded, mixed and mastered all the songs that will be on the future album.

This new album, named “In honour…” will be the bands calling card aimed to all levels. BittenCross sign with SYSTEM-BEYOND record label in September 2010 for this new work, also, one of the main aims is to play in as many places as possible.

BittenCross, January 2011.


01. Intro
02. Twisted Betray of Fate
03. Liars in the Name of God
04. Masterpiece of Dementia
05. Iced Coffin
06. Enemies of Kingdom of Light
07. Interlude
08. Wendigo's Call
09. Fog of Madness
10. Outro
11. Frozen Mountain (Bonus Track)
12. Summoning the Leviathan (Bonus Track)

Orgen - Vocals (ex-Fatal Portrait, ex-Mordor, ex-Broken Spell)
Abathor - Guitars (CrystalMoors, ex-Detriment Sorrow, Gathering Darkness)
Phallux - Guitars (ex-Fatal Portrait)
Pulsarth - Bass (ex-CrystalMoors and ex-Eldereon as Gothmog on synths)
Varken - Drums (ex-Fatal Portrait, ex-Moonshine, guest on Forestdome in bass guitar)


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The Extreme Sessions Vol 2

Los brutales GLOOM se acercan a la capital, para mostrarnos lo que ellos entienden por Brutal Death Metal técnico y no exento de melodías más propias del Black Metal. Con influencias que puedan venir de Morbid Angel, Immolation, Gorguts, Banished o Behemoth, descargarán su ruido el día 13 de Octubre (sábado) junto a los veteranos, y ya sobradamente conocidos, UNDERNOISE. 

UNDERNOISE repiten en el Black Bird, cumpliendo casi un año desde que tocaron con MOONSHINE. 
Nos darán una buena dosis de su forma de entender el Gore/Grind/Death Metal Old Skull. Quien no conozca a estos bárbaros, no tiene perdón...

Si nada vuelve a joderlo, estas dos brutales bandas darán buena cuenta de sus artes en el Black Bird Club de Santander, el sábado 13 de Octubre, por el ridículo precio de 5€.

Aún no hay cartel, pero estará listo pronto. Para más info, pinchad aquí:

Para oir algo de las bandas:

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The Crawling Ancienthorn...

Ancienthorn was created in the last of 2002 by Erun-Dagoth, Lord Wicked and G, with the purpose of create fast, raw and aggressive Black Metal. 

In 2003 they recorded a demo of an only track, with the name of "Memories of Ancestral Rancour" with a very raw sound. 

After of several label proposals, they entered in studio again to record "Crawling from the Depths of the First Tower", in 2004, an EP of five furious tracks. This work was never released due to the lack of seriousness of the labels. After of some auditions for bass player, they decided to put an end during 2005 or 2006. 

G: Rhythm guitars, session bass
Erun-Dagoth: Rhythm/Lead guitars, session bass, vocals
Lord Wicked: Drums

Past line up:
Yuyets: Bass (2002 - 2003)
Lucifuego Master: Bass (2003)
Varkhen: Bass (2004)

1.My Inner Hate03:07  Show lyrics
2.The Seeds of Unsacred Apocalypse03:26  Show lyrics
3.Where no Grace of God can Dwell03:41  Show lyrics
4.To the Tytgyonist Essence03:22 
5.Memories of Ancestral Rancour03:56  Show lyrics
6.Memories of Ancestral Rancour (demo version)03:59  Show lyrics
Free download:

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The Throne of the Occult is Here!

Hrizg is back with a new release. This time is "Throne of the Occult", a vinyl 7 inches released via Negra Nit

This work was recorded in 2011, in the Khazad-Dûm Studios, with the help of Jose (Moonshine) and Laura Prado (guest female vocals). 

Side A
1. Throne of the Occult
2. Black Phoenix

Side B
3. Pain Calls for Pain

Hrizg: Drums, all guitars, bass, synths, samplers & vocals

Hrizg 2008

This ep has the price of 7 euro + postal costs. Ask here: labarosrecords@gmail.com

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The Extreme Sessions I, 2ª parte

Tras una serie de problemas inesperados con los Spellcraft, que esperamos se solucionen pronto, hemos decidido contactar con otros grandes del Black Metal, ésta vez desde Galicia. Estos son los veteranos The Somberlain, quienes hacen un estilo muy influenciado por la vieja escuela extrema (Hellhammer, Venom...).

Este trío descargará su ira en el escenario del Black Bird el día 1 de Septiembre. Aquí podéis oir algo:

Más en:


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The Extreme Sessions part I

Primer concierto de las "The Extreme Sessions" que pretendo hacer en Cantabria, para mover un poco de Metal Extremo en nuestra región, ya de por sí muy sosa en este tipo de música.

Por fín se juntan dos veteranas bandas: CrystalMoors y Spellcraft.  CrystalMoors ya presentaron su segundo disco en el Black Bird, pero esta vez repiten, presentando nueva formación (servidor ya no forma parte de esta banda) y el tan esperado merchandise. No obstante, nos obsequiaran con su brutal Pagan Metal cántabro, y cualquiera que no disponga de su "Circle of the Five Serpents", ese día, podrá hacerse con él.

Por su parte, Spellcraft acaban de editar "Yersinia Pestis", un acojonante disco de puro Black/Death Metal sueco que me recuerda a Dissection, Sacramentum, Cardinal Sin, Thy Primordial, primeros Marduk, y demás blasfemias de la escena sueca.

El evento tendrá lugar en el Black Bird Club, que se encuentra en la calle Vista Alegre 13, de Santander. 
Dará comienzo a las 20:30, puntual.
Y el coste es tan ridículo como 5€.

No hay excusa.
"Taste the Reptile Skin"

"Stirpe Obscura"

"Crown of Wolves"

"Circle of the Five Serpents"

martes, 7 de agosto de 2012


Lucifuego reveals their cover art for the vinyl version of "El Renacer del Mal". Artwork done by Dan's Putrid Art!

This album will be out via Unmerciful Death Productions.

viernes, 27 de julio de 2012

Black Metal Hordes II Compilation

The Facebook group "Black Metal Hordes" announces that will make a new compilation of Spanish Black Metal Underground. The first one was a total success. The compilation will be for free download and the link will be posted here. Briargh and Hrizg will support it with one track, between other bands.

domingo, 15 de julio de 2012


Lucifuego signs contract with the label Unmerciful Death Productions (USA), that will release "El Renacer del Mal" in CD and vinyl in the coming months. This album was recorded in 2005, and released two years later in split CD with the Colombian band Profanus, under the name "Shouts of Christian Desperation at the Throne of Lucifer", limited to 200 (now sold out), via Church in Flames Productions

01. La Belleza del Elegido
02. Conspiración
03. Lucifer VS Arcángel Miguel
(Primera Gran Batalla)
04. Traición y Derrota
05. Exilio en el Infierno
06. El Renacer del Mal...
07. Mi Nombre es Legión
08. Apocalipsis (Batalla Final)
09. Nuevo Orden Universal
10. ... Salve Luzbel

Lucifuego 2012


Lucifuego Master: Bass/Vocals
Darkswamp: Guitars
Argus: Drums

Contact: labarosrecords@gmail.com

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The webrealm of Briargh

I am proud to announce the new Official Website of BRIARGH. With this blog, this will be the only Official site for BRIARGH. No other sites, nor social networks are aproved for the band. Any information should be checked in this official ways.


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lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

Below the Shadows of Pestilence

Qrixkuor is not a real band, it is just a project of some members of Forestdome, CrystalMoors, Eldereon... In fact is a project created by Gharador (exForestdome and CrystalMoors) and Erun-Dagoth (exForestdome, exCrystalMoors, Eldereon, Moonshine, Hrizg, Briargh...). 

Around 2007, Gharador recorded drums. Initially, they were done for another project, but it never was recorded. Drums were filed and forgotten till 2010, when Erun-Dagoth finished the recording with guitars, bass, synths and vocals. The result was "Below the Shadows of Pestilence", which will be released around July via Obscuratio Records (Spa) in tape format. 

1. Choir of Abominations and Sorrow
2. Putrescence and Obliteration
3. The Wheel of Death

The only contact is labarosrecords@gmail.com

martes, 5 de junio de 2012

Thy Will be Done!!!

Moonshine was created in 1996 from the ashes of Nekrom, by Erun-Dagoth (CrystalMoors, Briargh, Hrizg, Eldereon) and Faramir (CrystalMoors). One year later, they record a rehearsal tape which was distributed in Spain, helped by a session drummer. 
At the last of 1997, Jose and Iván Santalla are recruited on guitars and drums. They came from the disbanded Opposer (now reunited again). With this line up, they record the second rehearsal tape which had a very Underground distribution (a must in Moonshine's life). 
Just after the recording of this last effort, in early 1998, Iván Santalla leaves the band, and Valen (Undernoise) joined to help on drums. After of several gigs, in 1999, they record "Remembrance", their first studio demo with a very sucessful result between the Underground Death/Black Metal maniacs worlwide. 
Valen leaves Moonshine, and Iván Santalla returns to start the strong live promotion of "Remembrance", in Sonido XXI, which was first self-financed by the band in tape and CDr formats. 
After of a lot of gigs through Spain (even with bands like Marduk, Mystic Circle and tons of Spanish Underground acts, being one of those gigs recorded and distributed in a very small quantity), Moonshine records their second studio demo: "The Voice of the Elders", in early 2001. 
Some problems made Iván Santalla leave the band again, and Moonshine recruited Gharador ( CrystalMoors , Forestdome).
Dark Pressage Productions releases both official demos in one, with the name of "Remembrance" (also known as "Remembrance II"), and they start the live promotion. 
Gothmog ( CrystalMoors , BittenCross) helps them on keyboards, being a five piece band for first time.
2002 was the end of the band. Jose, Faramir and Gothmog left, and the band turned in  Eldereon (now  Eldereon and Moonshine are two different bands with different musical approach).

In 2010 Jose and Erun-Dagoth talks about to return as Moonshine and they summon Kerkus on guitars. After of several drummers, they record the promo song "The Prophet's Sleepless Dream", and the actual demo in promotion: "...Among Centuries (Thy Will be Done)", in the infamous Khazad-Dûm Studios, regarding the raw sound of the old demos. A new step for the band, regarding the old sound and songs in a old school view of Death/Black Metal. Mandatory for those fans of old days of Necrophobic, Paradise Lost, Hypocrisy or Edge of Sanity.
The tape version will be unleashed through Obscuratio Records!!!

1. Return in Affliction
2. Thus Transmitted the Havoc Orb
3. Dismal Domain
4. The Voice of the Elders

Line up:
Erun-Dagoth: Bass/Vocals/Session drums
Jose: Guitars
Kerkus: Guitars

Moonshine 2012 (not an official shot) drinking in a Metal fest.

More info at:

viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

The Rebirth of Evil...

Lucifuego was created by Lucifuego Master back in the last days of 1992, being the first Black Metal band from Cantabria, and one of the first from Spain. His style is a chaotic mixture between early Black Metal, in the vein of Hellhammer, Venom and old Bathory, and the first days of the second wave of Black Metal, like old Mayhem and the smell of old school Extreme Metal of the 80's. 

They have released several demos, like "Lucifuego" (1994), "Black Arts" (1995), "Blaze of Lust" (1996) and "El Renacer del Mal" (2005). This last one was released in split CD too with the Colombian Black Metal horde Profanus, with the title "Shouts of Christian Desperation at the Throne of Lucifer".

They plan to record another new attack, while they restart the promotion with "El Renacer del Mal", which was breeded in the musty cave of Khazad-Dûm Studios.

Lucifuego 2005

Get in touch to obtain your promo of "El Renacer del Mal" if you have a printed zine. No webzines allowed. Just pure old cult!

More info (Spanish) here:

Check a track here:

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- Estudio de grabación portátil, graba cómodamente desde tu local de ensayo.
- Mesa de 16 pistas de grabación, con opción a infinitas vía PC.
- Más de 10 años de experiencia en sonidos extremos, grabando mini CDs, demos, ensayos o discos completos.
- Precios ultra reducidos.
- Grabación, edición, mezcla y masterización incluídos.

Pregunta en: labarosrecords@gmail.com

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The Prophet's Sleepless Dream

We are proud to announce the new promo song of MOONSHINE: "The Prophet's Sleepless Dream".

This song is a previous work to their first full lenght which title will probably be "HybridUs". More news about it soon.


lunes, 16 de abril de 2012


- Werewolf Promotion will release "Krigas" and "Kanttrug", from Briargh, in tape format. During this time, Theron is working in the new Briargh official website.

- Moonshine is recording a new promo song called "The Prophet's Sleepless Dream". Just after of it, they plan to record the new album, which title could be "HybridUs".

- Khazad-Dûm Studios is ready to start the recording sessions of Encólera, the new band of one of the members of Lucifuego. In the same time, we plan to start the vocal sessions of In Luna, the new project of Uruksoth (CrystalMoors, Gathering Darkness) and Karls Aukka (Silence of the Old Man).

- CrystalMoors has new facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/CrystalmoorsOfficial
Erun-Dagoth, the band founder, leaves after of almost 17 years working in CrystalMoors.

miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012

From the crawling Underground: NECROM

The band started in the spring of 2010 as covers duo-project of bands like Death, Obituary, Carcass, a few months after starting to write their own songs and Necrom born from the depths of Darkness.

Our intentions? Death Metal done the old way between the European and Florida sound and spreading our spells and message of rebellion.

In April 2011 Necrom enters the studio and recorded their first two themes that make up the current promo of 2012, but are not fully convinced and decided to postpone his departure and re-record adding new songs. Later that year the band is forced break even until now.

In 2012 Necrom now back on active writing new spells and in the search for new musicians to complete the band and perform live rituals.

This is a call to the damned, the misunderstood and those who do not fit the exponential stupidity that surrounds us and which we are exposed continuously in modern society, a call to the true rebels.



1. Primitive Nuclear Chaos
2. Killing the Madness

Check them at: http://www.myspace.com/necromfromhell
Contact: necrom.metal@gmail.com

lunes, 9 de abril de 2012

Another Khazad-Dûm Studio production is in process!

- Briargh has started another production, to be released in split CD with Heilnoz. A sound clip will be posted here as soon as the mix is done.

- Next band to be recorded: Encólera.

lunes, 2 de abril de 2012


Briargh has finished "Restoration", which will be out with the greek band Aasgard in a split-brotherhood, to be released via Lower Silesian Stronghold and Darker than Black very soon.

Meanwhile, the one man band is working in a new split CD with Heilnoz, which title is still not revealed, but could be released in Autumn.

More news soon!

jueves, 29 de marzo de 2012

The return of the Elder Aeon!

After some time of silence, the dark and mystical Death Metal band Eldereon comes with "The Unsacred Codex", a new track which was recorded as a promo/single to show that the band is still alive.

While "Blood of the Dying" is still fresh, the band will work in their next opus now, which title will be "Hierarchy of the Fathers". Enjoy it!

Eldereon 2010

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martes, 27 de marzo de 2012

El trono olvidado de Briargh...

Lower Silesian Stronghold will re-release "Vn Antigvo Trono Olvidado" in the next months. This MCD was released by Briargh himself in a very limited edition, and shortly after, out via Salute Records, in another limited edition, both in CDr. 

Now, LSS will make a total pro CD, as it deserves, with a new song as bonus track in a total running time of 30 min. 

1. Vcieda
2. Cantábrico
3. Yrostos
4. Thor
5. Berkjv
6. Two Ravens (Bonus Track)

Dvx Bellorvm (All instruments & vocals) 2011

"Vcieda" song

"Cantábrico" song

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