lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

Below the Shadows of Pestilence

Qrixkuor is not a real band, it is just a project of some members of Forestdome, CrystalMoors, Eldereon... In fact is a project created by Gharador (exForestdome and CrystalMoors) and Erun-Dagoth (exForestdome, exCrystalMoors, Eldereon, Moonshine, Hrizg, Briargh...). 

Around 2007, Gharador recorded drums. Initially, they were done for another project, but it never was recorded. Drums were filed and forgotten till 2010, when Erun-Dagoth finished the recording with guitars, bass, synths and vocals. The result was "Below the Shadows of Pestilence", which will be released around July via Obscuratio Records (Spa) in tape format. 

1. Choir of Abominations and Sorrow
2. Putrescence and Obliteration
3. The Wheel of Death

The only contact is

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