lunes, 6 de julio de 2015

Two new releases out at once! THE HELL "Welcome to..." CD // CHAINS OV BELETH "Christeos Chaos" CD

Country: Serbia
Description: Death Metal, in the vein of early Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Monstrosity or Cannibal Corpse. 
Co-release with Satanath Records and Darzamadicus Records.
Cat. Nº: SAT112 / MSP016 / DR 016


1. Gates Into Reality
2. Welcome To Our World
3. Bred For Slavery
4. High On Murder
5. The One Who Brings Redemption
6. Spiritual Necrosis
7. The Human Harvest Fields
8. Philosophy Of Vengeance
9. Genocidal Wrath
10. LeMachand
11. Amen!


Counstry: Spain
Description: Raw and orthodox Black Metal of this one-man-band. A high level recording done under the influence of the Occult. With some similitudes to Deathspell Omega, but in a personal way.
Co-release with Satanath Records.
Cat. Nº: MSP014 / SAT116

Track list:

1. Black Wings Spread Wide 
2. Breath of Disease 
3. Spirit of Guidance - Darkness Eternal 
4. The Coryphaeus 
5. Thrice Named, Thrice Cursed 
6. Thus Perish the Defeated 
7. Christeos Chaos 
8. The Descending

For promotion / orders / contact:

domingo, 5 de julio de 2015

Some news!

- The website is down, so, while we are working on the new one, you can check all information concerning the label here. It will take some weeks, so stay tuned here in the blog.

- The CD release of "Christeos Chaos" by Chains ov Beleth and "Welcome to..." of The Hell are in the way after a big delay which has fucked some of our plans. They should arrive along this week. The same goes for the Selaphiel tapes. "Death Metal on the Cross" should arrive very soon.

- We welcome ot Chris on Morbid Shrine Productions promotion manager. He will help us a lot with the social media and other things that I personally hate. So, thank you mate!

- Gloom's "DoggoD" is doing well. They have performed a killer live here in Cantabria, in the Extreme Sessions IX. Any other promotion about them and booking, write here:


Darkthule "Arktoy Oryge" (Black Metal) CD - 10€
[Crudísimo Black Metal desde Grecia. Recopilación de vinilos y 7".]

Disrupted "Heavy Death" (Death Metal) MCD - 7€
[Impresionante MCD de Death Metal sueco, que maman directamente del "Left Hand Path" de Entombed. Escuchadlo!]

In Luna / Psychonaut 4 / Vanhelga / Ofdrykkja "Urban Negativism" (Deppressive Black Metal) Split Digipack CD - 12€
[Conjunción de estas cuatro bandas de DSBM. Gran edición en digipack, y una música que te transportará a un mundo de soledad y pesimismo.]

Istengoat "Atlas Shrugged" (Death Metal) - 10€
[Intenso, sucio, oscuro y brutal Death Metal a la vieja escuela. Influencias de Morbid Angel, Abramelin o Hate Eternal.]

Mirkhall "Heathen Hearted" (Pagan Metal) CD - 8€
[Recopilatorio de las demos de este crudo grupo finlandés de Pagan Metal al estilo de Graveland de los 90s. Puro sentimiento pagano.]

Mortal Mutilation "Demon's Lust" (Death Metal) Digipack CD - 12€
[Mítica banda nacional de Death Metal sucio, oscuro y satánico. Flamante digipack que recopila todo su material, demos, eps, etc., a lo que hay que sumar en esta edición de lujo varios posters, pegatinas y otros.]

Oskal "Stahlkrieg / Blazes of Sunset" (Black Metal) CD - 8€
[Demos editadas en CD de esta one man band rusa. Similar a los primeros Bilskirnir y semejantes. No he encontrado clips para mostrar.]

Uggae Command "Serpentine Emanations from Ancient Darkness" (Death/Black Metal) MCD - 7€
[Sucio y brutal Death Metal lleno de oscuridad y destrucción. Locura de la vieja escuela, influenciada por bandas como Beherit, Proclamation, Teitanblood...]

The Meads of Asphodel / Tjolgtjar "Taste the Divine Wrath" split vinyl 7" (Black Metal) - 12€
[Gran edición en vinilo de este split, con dos bandas míticas de Black/Thrash Metal de la vieja escuela.]

Catálogo completo en:

Here is the distribution list of the label:

Aasgard “Nekriki Mistagogia” (Black Metal) 6€
Aetheres “Dark Wisdom’s Domain” (Dark Metal) 10€
Aboriorth “Anchorite” (Black Metal) 6€
Algor “Hierofánia” (Black Metal) – Digipack 9€
Alliance of Black Hordes (Varios Black Metal) 5€
Амезарак ‎- “Daemonolatreia” (Black Metal) 7€
Аркуда “Под покровом веков” (Pagan Metal) 10€
Arkona “Goi Rode Goi” (Pagan Folk Metal) 10€
Arkhaeon “Deathprayer Evangelium” (Black Metal) 10€
Ashen Light “Проклятый и непрощённый” (Black Metal) 8€
Balmog “Testimony of the Abominable” (Black Metal) 10€
Bal Sagoth “Apocryphal Tales” (Epic Black/Death Metal) 7€
Baptism “The Beherial Midnight” (Black Metal) 10€
Beast Conjurator “Born from the Darkest Entrails” (Thrash/Death Metal) 6€
Beyond Ye Grave “Total Fucking Decadence” (Black Metal) 8€
Bittencross “… In Honour” (Black Metal, digipack) 10€
Black Shadow “…Сквозь чёрное пламя Молоха…” (Black Metal) 8€
Black Torment/Tyrannizer Örder/Nodens “Apostles of the Apocalypse” Split CD (Black/Thrash Metal)
Briargh “Kanttrug” (Pagan/Black Metal) 10€
Briargh “Krigas” (Pagan/Black Metal) 10€
Briargh “Vn Antigvo Trono Olvidado” (Pagan/Black Metal) 8€
Briargh/Xerión/Sentimen Beltza/Doom of Valyria (Split CD, Black Metal) 8€
Briargh/Aasgard (Split CD, Black Metal) 8€
Briargh/Heilnoz (Split CD, Pagan Black Metal) 8€
Briargh “Ebro” (Pagan/Black Metal) 10€
Carcharoth “Desolated Battlefields” (Black Metal) 8€
Celestia “Delhÿs-cätess” (Black Metal) 6€
Cemetery Lust “Orgies of Abomination” (Black/Thrash Metal) 10€
Cerekloth “In the Midst of Life we are in Death” (Death Mtal) 10€
Charon “Sulphur Seraph (The Archon Principle)” (Unholy Death Metal) 10€
Clandestine Blaze “Harmony of Struggle” (Black Metal) 10€
CrystalMoors “The Unconquered Land” (Pagan Metal) 5€
CrystalMoors/Omendark Split CD (Pagan Metal) 7€
CrystalMoors “Circle of the Five Serpents” (Pagan Metal) 10€
Daemonolith “By Order of Decimation” (Black Metal) 8€
Dagor Dagorath “Yetzer Ha’Ra” (Symphonic Black Metal) 10€
Darkthule “Arktoy Oryge” (Black Metal) 10€
Decayed “The Ancient Brethren” (Black/Thrash Metal old School) 9€
Demonic Slaughter “Soulless God’s Creation” (Black Metal) 10€
Deprive “Into Oblivion” (Death/Doom Metal) 10€
Diabolical Principles “Investigatin a New Dawn” (Black Metal) 5€
Disrupted “Heavy Death” (Death Metal) 7€
Divine Codex “The Dark Descent” (Black/Death Metal) 9€
Djevelkult “I Djevelens Tegn” (Black Metal) 10€
Doomed “The Ancient Path” (Death/Doom Metal) Digipack 10€
Elderblood “Son of the Morning” (Symphonic Black Metal) 10€
Elderdawn “Empty Words” (Extreme Metal/Goth) 5€
Eldereon/Ered (Split CD, Death/Black Metal) 6€
Eldereon “Blood of the Dying” (Death Metal) 10€
Enoid “Ad Nilem” (Black Metal) 6€
Enoid “The New World Murder” (Black Metal) 8€
Everto Signum “Synergy” (Black Metal) 5€
Evil Conqueror “Nuclear Blasphemy” (Black/Thrash Metal) 8€
Fatal Portrait “Adventum” (Melodic Black Metal) 10€
Forbidden Eye “Orthodox Path of Worship” (Black Metal) 8€
Forestdome “Foresthrone” (Black Metal) 10€
Fornace “Pregnant Is the Night” (Black/Death Metal) 10€
Freezing Blood “Altar of Goat” 5€
Frozen Dawn “The Old Prophecy of Winterland” (Black Metal) 8€
Gathering Darkness / Tyrants Blood “The Light won’t Save You” Split CD 6€
Goatlord Corp. “Early Beginnings of War” (Black/Death Metal) 5€
Gorugoth “Gorugoth” (Black Metal) 5€
Gothmog “Aeons of Deception” (Symphonic Black/Death Metal) 8€
Grim Funeral “Abdication Under Funeral Dirge” (Black Metal) 10€
Grimner “Blodshymner” (Viking Folk Metal) 10€
Grim Sköll “The Woods Shall Cry Forever” (Black Metal) 6€
Grimuack “Exurgat Satanas” (Black Metal) 8€
Hellvetic Frost “Towards A Distant World” (Black Metal) 8€
Hexenwald “Nordland Okkult Mysterium” (Black Metal) 8€
Hrizg “Anthems to Decrepitude” (Black Metal) 10€
Hrizg “Inferno” (Black Metal) 8€
Hrizg “Individualism” (Black Metal) 10€
In Luna / Psychonaut 4 / Vanhelga / Ofdrykkja “Urban Negativism” (Deppressive Black Metal) Split Digipack CD 12€
Ironsword “Overlords of Chaos” (Heavy Metal) 10€
Istengoat “Atlas Shrugged” (Death Metal) 10€
Kill “Burning Blood” (Black Metal) 7€
Kvele “Necrohill” (Black Metal) 7€
Lechia “Akt woli” (Pagan Metal) 8€
Lembrando Os Mortos “Ritual de Despedida” (Black Metal) 5€
Lobotomy “Satanic Speed Metal Ritual” (Black/Thrash/Speed Metal) 8€
Lucifuego “El Renacer del Mal” (Black Metal old School) 8€
Meltdown “Meltdown” (Death Metal) 10€
Merknet “Rotten Omega Ceremony” (Occult Atmospheric Black Metal, doble digipack) 10€
Mirkhall “Heathen Hearted” (Pagan Metal) 8€
Moonlight “Rex Diabolos” (Black Metal) 6€
Mortal Mutilation “Demon’s Lust” (Death Metal) Digipack CD 12€
Mortifier “Darkness My Eternal Bride” (Black Occult Metal) 8€
Mortuus Caelum “Ventus Infesto” (Black Metal) 7€
Mydgard “Decay of thy Gods” (Black Metal) 5€
Mystagog “… Of Old” (Black Metal) 8€
Naburus “Wrota Nieskonczoności” (Black Metal) 6€
Northern Hate “Hypothermia” (Black Metal) 8€
Oakenshield “Legacy” (Viking/Folk Metal) 10€
Ødelegger “Solitary in Wrath” 5€
Odroerir “Götterlieder” (Pagan Metal) 10€
Oldblood “… Possessed by Metal from Hell” (Thrash/Black Metal) 8€
Old Pagan “Maledictuss” (Black Metal) 8€
Open Hell “Revelation” (Black Metal) 8€
Opposer “Remember the Past” (Thrash/Death Metal) 10€
Ornaments of Sin “Preparing War – Oath to the Fallen Ones” (Black Metal) 8€
Oskal “Stahlkrieg / Blazes of Sunset” (Black Metal) 8€
Ossuaire/Ysengrin/Aorlhac/Darkenhöld “La Maisniee du Maufe – A Tribute to the Dark Ages” 4way Split CD (Doom/Death/Black Metal) 8€
Pale Mist “Where the Darkness is Praised” (Black Metal) 7€
Panychida “Grief for an Idol” (Pagan Metal) 8€
Permanent Midnight “Under the Blood Moon” (Black Metal) 8€
Primigenium “… As Eternal as the Night” (Black Metal) 5€
Primigenium “Faith Through Anguish” (Black Metal) 8€
Profanatica “Thy Kingdom Cum” (Black/Death Metal) 10€
Profezia “Oracolo Suicida” (Black Metal) Digipack 10€
Pure “Kingdom of Wrath” (Black Metal) 8€
Pure “And the Waters Turned to Blood” (Black Metal) 8€
Quintessence “Le Fléau de Ton Existence” (Black Metal) 8€
Ravencult “Morbid Blood” (Black Metal) 10€
Rodogost “Zachin” (Pagan Folk Metal) 10€
Root “Kärgeräs” (Epic Occult Heavy Metal) 10€
Runenblut “Die Stimme des Blutes” (Black Metal) 8€
Sanctus Daemoneon “Grey Metropolis” (Dark Ambient) 7€
Sign of Katu Marus “…In Nostro Omnium Fletus” (Black Metal) 6€
Skapt av Skog “Skapt av Skog” (Black Metal) 5€
Slaktare “Love Is Always Painful” (Black Metal) 5€
Slavia “Pesne Voli kalenoy” (Black Metal) 8€
Smuta “Смута крови” (Pagan Metal) 8€
Smuta “Мор” (Pagan Metal) 8€
Smuta “На север” (Pagan Metal) 8€
Solarward “How to Survive a Rainout” (Black Metal) 8€
Sorgsvart “VikingTid og AnArki” (Viking Black Metal) 10€
Sterbenzeit “L’Oltrenotte” (Black Metal) 8€
Stolthet “Determinare” (Black Metal) 8€
Storm Breeder “The Knave” (Thrash Metal) 10€
Stormstone “Heirs of All Fights” (Pagan/Black Metal) 7€
Stozhar “Glory To Perun!” (Pagan Folk Metal) 10€
Somnia “Above Space and Time” (Black Metal) 8€
Suffering “Chaosatanas” (Black Metal) 6€
Svartrit “I” (Black Metal) Digipack 10€
Svipdagr “Black Verses” (Black Metal) 8€
Subconscious Evil “Subconscious Evil” (Black Metal) 5€
Swarost “Brzask” (Black Metal) 8€
Temnozor “Horizons” (Pagan Folk Metal) 10€
Thundra “Angstens Salt” (Viking Black Metal) 10€
Uggae Command “Serpentine Emanations from Ancient Darkness” (Death/Black Metal) 7€
Undernoise “¿Todo Está Podrido?” (Death/Grind old School) 8€
Undernoise “Historias de la Morgue” (Death/Grind old School) 8€
Valfeanor “En ny tid” (Pagan Metal) 8€
Venedae “Venedae” (Pagan War Black Metal) 6€
Venomous Breath “Et Viscera Sanguis” (Death Metal) 8€
Verdugo “Blasfemia y Perversión” (Thrash/Death Metal) 6€
Waffenträger Luzifers / Muert / Necrogoat “Satanic Brotherhood” (Thrash/Black Metal old school) 7€
Weisshorn “Au-delà du Soleil Invaincu” (Black Metal) 5€
Witchcraft “Hegyek Felettem” (Black Metal) 8€
Witch Cross “Axe to Grind” (Heavy Metal) 10€
Xerión “Pálida Morte, Negra Sombra” (Pagan Metal) 5€

Deathrow “Primordial Lifecode” Vinyl LP 12″ (Black Metal) 12€
Hrizg “Throne of the Occult” (7″, Black Metal) 7€
Iron Man “Generation Void” Vinyl LP 12″ (Doom/Heavy Metal) 15€
Shub Niggurath / Necroccultus “Inverted Dimensions” Vinyl LP 12″ (Death Metal) 12€

Ancient Wound “The Undead Storm” (Thrash Metal) 3€
Automuro “Demo 2013″ (Crust/Black/Thrash Metal) 4€
Briargh “Kanttrug” (Pagan/Black Metal) 4€
Briargh “Krigas” (Pagan/Black Metal) 4€
Carnal Dread “Black Thrashing Rites” (Black/Thrash Metal) 4€
Chasma “Forsaking the Mysteries of Iniquity” (Black Metal) 3€
Dalle Killers “Gore ‘n Roll” (Grindcore) 3€
Dawn of Crucifixion “Piss, Blood, Destruction / Ritual Desecration 2010″ (Black/Thrash Metal) 4€
Den Saakaldte “Øl, Mørke og Depresjon” (Black Metal) 4€
Eald “We are but a Reminiscence of a Dream” (Black Metal) 4€
Execució “Execució” (Thrash/Black Metal) 4€
Finem Vitae “Demo 2013″ (Doom/Death Metal) 4€
In the Shades “A Journey of no Return” (Black Metal) 4€
Kolp “The Valley of Plague” (Black Metal) 4€
Moonshine “Among Centuries” (Death/Doom/Black Metal) 4€
Negativa “01” (Black Metal) 4€
Neverendinghate “La Caída de los Ídolos” (Black/Thrash Metal) 4€
Pesten “The Rats are Back in Town” (Black Metal/Punk) 4€
Pesticum “Fog’s Nocturnal Sadness” (Cave Black Metal) 4€
Primeval Mass “Blood Breathing Idols” (Black Metal) 3€
Saattoväki “Cryptborn Creation” (Death Metal) 4€
Sad “Devouring the Divine” (Black Metal) 4€
Slaughter Messiah “Deathlike Invasion” (Speed/Thrash/Black Metal) 4€
Suffering “Chaosatanas” (Black Metal) 4€ — LAST COPY!!!
Tarnkappe “Tussen Hun En De Zon” (Black Metal) 4€
Terrorama “Crimes Against Humanity” (Black/Thrash/Death Metal) 4€
Total Hate “Depopulating Planet Earth” (Black Metal) 4€
Yersinia Pestis / Nyarlathotep “Alliance of the Black Death” (Black Metal) 3€

Briargh “Scvtvm” parche 3€
Hrizg “Anti-Viking Fashion” T-Shirt 10€
Opposer “Remember the Past” T-Shirt 12€
Stormstone “Heirs of All Fights” Poster 1€
Gathering Darkness “The Light won’t Save You” T-Shirt 10€
Gathering Darkness Pack “The Light won’t Save You” Split CD + T-Shirt – 13€

Bloody Nº9 (Dark Funeral, Behemoth, Rebaellium, Krisiun, Blood Red Throne, Solefald, Tidfall, Portal, Thy Winter Kingdom, Nahemah, Abominator, Hell-Born, Ensoph, Axis of Advance, Dark Legion, Christophe Szpajdel, Mephistopheles, Witches Sabbath, Nightshade, Abaddon Incarnate, Demimonde, reviews, etc). 3€

Bloody Nº10 (Hypocrisy, Immortal, Thyrfing, Warhammer, Necrophobic, Ragnarok, Lock Up, Agmen, Tsjuder, Suffering Down, Immemorial, Dissenter, Ravager, In Aeternum, Thorium, Helevorn, Lunatic Gods, Node, Daemonlord, Argar, Diabolical, Panchrysia, Horrid, Hypokras, reviews, etc). 3€

Bleak Zine Nº5 (Runic, Ered, Chamber of Shred, Lost Emotions, CrystalMoors, Daemonlord, Black Tears, reportajes, reviews, etc). 2€

Era del Metal XXI (Hibria, Altar of Sin, Hour of Penance, Ñú, Roxxcalibur, Breaking the Silence, Flesh Salad zine, Anal Vomit, Emilio Morote, Crysys, Demonic War, Metal Cova, Nakkiga, Freakhate, Especial Progresivo, Zyclope, Tinnitia, Metal Norte, Sentencias Metal, Sentencias Extremas, y más reportajes). 4€

Era del Metal XXII (Legion, Orphaned Land, Jag Panzer, Mistweaver, Vivid Remorse, Alyanza, Doming JC, Crying Blood, Wild, Piel de Serpiente, Insulters, reseñas, fanzines, literatura…). 4€

Era del Metal XXIII (Praying Mantis, Exxplorer, Iñaki – Moho / LFAA / Dishammer, Vastator, Death over Threat, Acrania, Larry Patterson – Blaze Bayley, 7 Lunas, Rampart, Barbarian Prophecies, Sad Eyes, Odio Sonoro, Discos Macarras y otros reportajes). 4€

Era del Metal XXIV (Savatage, Hirax, Axehammer, Steel Assassin, Quartz, Atman, Bitterness, Ishtadeva Records, Evilhorse, Riot of Violence, Lowshake, Mean Machine…). 4€

Riddle of Steel Nº6 (Graveland, Moon, Abhor, Raventale, Old Forest, Inquisition, The Flight of Sletpnir, Acheron, Hecate Enthroned, Woodtemple, Vemod, y muchos más, reviews, etc). Inglés 5€

Snakepit Issue 2 – Heavy Metal zine. Written in English.
(Ufo, Tarot, Razor, Raven, Venom, Imagika, Overkill, Hittman, Manowar, Overdrive, Jag Panzer, Gamma Ray, Have Mercy, Primal Fear, Metalucifer, Holy Mother, The Company, Cauldron Born, Nocturnal Rites… reviews…)