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Spekthrvm was a solo project of Erun-Dagoth (Eldereon, Moonshine, Briargh, Hrizg...) created in 2003 and finished in 2005 with the only purpose of create a kind of mixture between Atmospherical Doom Metal and Death Metal with melody in the old Swedish way. 

Despite of the horrible drums, the music of Spekthrvm has a lot of sad and ancient feeling, bringing the old style that you can hear in Moonshine or Eldereon, for example.

Erun-Dagoth (2001)

"Spectres" Demo compilation

1. Symbols of Ancient Grief (new mix)
2. Intro (God Bleeds)
3. Wolfnight (Cry of the Antichrist)
4. Searching for a Deal with the Stars
5. Outro
6. The Breath of the Liars
7. Symbols of Ancient Grief
8. Shrines of Human Flesh

Tracks 2 to 5 taken from the "Spectres over a Dying Paradise" 2005
Tracks 6 and 7 takenf rom the demo "Cosmic Graveyard" 2005
Track 8 from a rehearsal demo of 2003.

All music/lyrics written and recorded by Erun-Dagoth

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the Spanish/Greek brotherhood

We have copies of "Restoration/Kydoimos", the last effort of Lower Silessian Stronghold in cooperation with Darker than Black. This split CD between BRIARGH and AASGARD is a perfect union in the European Underground, with the awesome art of Igor Mugerza.

Briargh has recorded four tracks in the melancholic way of always. This time, with more fast drums and blast beats. Produced in the Khazad-Dûm Studios, it's sound is raw but deep and clear.

Aasgard is a Greek band which performs a raw and old school Black Metal, with some influences from the Polish, Greek and northern style. 

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Don't forget BITTENCROSS!!!

BITTENCROSS emerged in November 2008 from the ashes of Fatal Portrait. After many conversations, three of the original founders of Fatal Portrait (Varhken, Phallux and Orgen) developed a new Black Metal project. While the new project was coming into shape, the guys got in touch with Pulsarth (from Noesis, a band where Phallux and Varhken also play) and asked him to be in charge of the bass.

In January 2009, the line up was completed with Abathor (from Gathering Darkness and Detriment Sorrow) as second guitarist. It was then when the composition works started; ten different songs were developed but only seven of them were finally recorded in Novermber at Khazad-Dûm studios, where the owner, Erun-Dagoth (Briargh, Hrizg, ex-CrystalMoors, Eldereon, Moonshine) produced the material, recorded, mixed and mastered all the songs that will be on the future album.

This new album, named “In honour…” will be the bands calling card aimed to all levels. BittenCross sign with SYSTEM-BEYOND record label in September 2010 for this new work, also, one of the main aims is to play in as many places as possible.

BittenCross, January 2011.


01. Intro
02. Twisted Betray of Fate
03. Liars in the Name of God
04. Masterpiece of Dementia
05. Iced Coffin
06. Enemies of Kingdom of Light
07. Interlude
08. Wendigo's Call
09. Fog of Madness
10. Outro
11. Frozen Mountain (Bonus Track)
12. Summoning the Leviathan (Bonus Track)

Orgen - Vocals (ex-Fatal Portrait, ex-Mordor, ex-Broken Spell)
Abathor - Guitars (CrystalMoors, ex-Detriment Sorrow, Gathering Darkness)
Phallux - Guitars (ex-Fatal Portrait)
Pulsarth - Bass (ex-CrystalMoors and ex-Eldereon as Gothmog on synths)
Varken - Drums (ex-Fatal Portrait, ex-Moonshine, guest on Forestdome in bass guitar)


sábado, 6 de octubre de 2012

The Extreme Sessions Vol 2

Los brutales GLOOM se acercan a la capital, para mostrarnos lo que ellos entienden por Brutal Death Metal técnico y no exento de melodías más propias del Black Metal. Con influencias que puedan venir de Morbid Angel, Immolation, Gorguts, Banished o Behemoth, descargarán su ruido el día 13 de Octubre (sábado) junto a los veteranos, y ya sobradamente conocidos, UNDERNOISE. 

UNDERNOISE repiten en el Black Bird, cumpliendo casi un año desde que tocaron con MOONSHINE. 
Nos darán una buena dosis de su forma de entender el Gore/Grind/Death Metal Old Skull. Quien no conozca a estos bárbaros, no tiene perdón...

Si nada vuelve a joderlo, estas dos brutales bandas darán buena cuenta de sus artes en el Black Bird Club de Santander, el sábado 13 de Octubre, por el ridículo precio de 5€.

Aún no hay cartel, pero estará listo pronto. Para más info, pinchad aquí:

Para oir algo de las bandas: