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Spekthrvm was a solo project of Erun-Dagoth (Eldereon, Moonshine, Briargh, Hrizg...) created in 2003 and finished in 2005 with the only purpose of create a kind of mixture between Atmospherical Doom Metal and Death Metal with melody in the old Swedish way. 

Despite of the horrible drums, the music of Spekthrvm has a lot of sad and ancient feeling, bringing the old style that you can hear in Moonshine or Eldereon, for example.

Erun-Dagoth (2001)

"Spectres" Demo compilation

1. Symbols of Ancient Grief (new mix)
2. Intro (God Bleeds)
3. Wolfnight (Cry of the Antichrist)
4. Searching for a Deal with the Stars
5. Outro
6. The Breath of the Liars
7. Symbols of Ancient Grief
8. Shrines of Human Flesh

Tracks 2 to 5 taken from the "Spectres over a Dying Paradise" 2005
Tracks 6 and 7 takenf rom the demo "Cosmic Graveyard" 2005
Track 8 from a rehearsal demo of 2003.

All music/lyrics written and recorded by Erun-Dagoth

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