lunes, 16 de abril de 2012


- Werewolf Promotion will release "Krigas" and "Kanttrug", from Briargh, in tape format. During this time, Theron is working in the new Briargh official website.

- Moonshine is recording a new promo song called "The Prophet's Sleepless Dream". Just after of it, they plan to record the new album, which title could be "HybridUs".

- Khazad-Dûm Studios is ready to start the recording sessions of Encólera, the new band of one of the members of Lucifuego. In the same time, we plan to start the vocal sessions of In Luna, the new project of Uruksoth (CrystalMoors, Gathering Darkness) and Karls Aukka (Silence of the Old Man).

- CrystalMoors has new facebook group:
Erun-Dagoth, the band founder, leaves after of almost 17 years working in CrystalMoors.

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