viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

The Rebirth of Evil...

Lucifuego was created by Lucifuego Master back in the last days of 1992, being the first Black Metal band from Cantabria, and one of the first from Spain. His style is a chaotic mixture between early Black Metal, in the vein of Hellhammer, Venom and old Bathory, and the first days of the second wave of Black Metal, like old Mayhem and the smell of old school Extreme Metal of the 80's. 

They have released several demos, like "Lucifuego" (1994), "Black Arts" (1995), "Blaze of Lust" (1996) and "El Renacer del Mal" (2005). This last one was released in split CD too with the Colombian Black Metal horde Profanus, with the title "Shouts of Christian Desperation at the Throne of Lucifer".

They plan to record another new attack, while they restart the promotion with "El Renacer del Mal", which was breeded in the musty cave of Khazad-Dûm Studios.

Lucifuego 2005

Get in touch to obtain your promo of "El Renacer del Mal" if you have a printed zine. No webzines allowed. Just pure old cult!

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