domingo, 16 de octubre de 2011


- CrystalMoors "Circle of the Five Serpents" will be available in the coming weeks!!!

After of some time and due to the lack of motivation to find decent labels, the band has decided to release it via Labaros/San Román (self-financed).

Greyland Labaro
The Cry of Gaia
El Abrazo del Tejo
The Long Journey of Cantabria
Chants in the Rain
At the Gates of Lonely Sea
Circle of the Five Serpents

CrystalMoors 2007/2011
Other news concerning the band is that Faramir has left the CrystalMoors clan after of eight years of cooperation. His replacement is Abathor, from Gathering Darkness and BittenCross.

Check this video from the promotion of "Circle of the Five Serpents" in METAL ECHOES (Madrid):

Greyland Labaro

Check "El Abrazo del Tejo"

Check "Circle of the Five Serpents"

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