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LUCTUS in Spain!

LUCTUS new album “Stotis” and European tour!

The time has come to announce that our new studio album is now officially complete! The recording of this album – like that of the previous one, “Jaučiant Pabaigą Arti” (“Sensing that the End is Nigh”) – took place in the already familiar “Phoenix” studio in Riga, under the supervision of the sound shaman Gints Lundberg. The instruments were recorded during February, while editing and mastering were completed during February-March. 

We have already previously announced that our new opus will be called “Stotis” (“The Station”), and will consist of seven tracks: 

I. Nežiūrėk, nežibėk (“Don’t Look, Don’t Shine”)
II. Audra slenka virš miesto (“A Storm is Creeping Over the City”)
III. Mano kumštis (“My Fist”)
IV. Mirusių žvaigždžių šviesoj (“In the Light of Dead Stars”)
V. Monotoniškas juodmetalis (“Monotonous Black Metal”)
VI. Stotis (“The Station”)
VII. Pakaruokliška vienatvė (“A Hanged Man’s Solitude”)

The new album is not a concept one – unlike our previous work, “Jaučiant Pabaigą Arti”, here each track is a separate rite, a separate experience. The term “Station” archetypically defines the essence of all songs – it marks a journey to all directions: the subconscious, death, and twists of life. 

Kommander Lu. – about the themes and the title of the new album: “This word is of great meaning and significance– I would even say, a magic charge - to me. This is a very simple everyday term that defines a very concrete object, but at the same time – if you look deeper – this word acquires new meanings in various contexts. This is the station from which you start a journey to various dimensions –simple stops, the subconscious, and death. A station may mean something like a concentration in one point/state – with various directions, but still with a definition of the self in this concrete field.” 

You can listen to our new tracks here: 

Certain changes related to the release and promotion of the album took place while the recording session was still underway. By the initiative of the band and by the agreement with the head of “Ledo Takas Records” Tadas, a decision was made to entrust the release and promotion of the album to the company “Inferna Profundus Records”. The album will be released in the form of a digipak, and will be designed by a well-known professional Rosvaldas Serapinas. “Inferna Profundus Records” is also planning on releasing T-shirts and other album-related merchandize. The album will be available for purchase in April. 

In addition to that, LUCTUS reached an agreement with a Dutch booking agency “Snook bookings” (, which from now on together with “Inferna Profundus Records” will be organizing the band’s concerts in Lithuania and abroad. 
On April 13, the band is organizing an exclusive presentation of the album – in “Fluxus Ministerija” in Kaunas city. In this presentation ceremony, LUCTUS will be joined by the Lithuanian black metal monsters NAHASH (who have not given concerts for quite some time), an Estonian atmospheric black metal band THOU SHELL OF DEATH, a band from Kaunas AMŽIUS (who also rarely give live shows), and a young, energetic, and promising death metal band CRYPTS OF DESPAIR. Other details of the album presentation concert will follow shortly. 
After this show, LUCTUS is going to depart on a two-week European tour with the finishing concert in Vilnius on May 11. 

Dates and venues of LUCTUS European tour: 

13/04 – Kaunas, Lithuania - Fluxus ministerija.
20/04 – Szczecin, Poland – Nekromantical Screams Vol. III fest.
22/04 – Paris, France – Le Klub
24/04 – Santander, Spain – Rock Beer The New Club
25-27/04 – Barroselas, Portugal – SWR Barroselas Metalfest 2013 
28/04 – Madrid, Spain – Estudios Rock&Pop Club
30/04 – Arnhem, Holland – Willemeem club, Willemsplein. 
01/05 – Ostend, Belgium – Twilight bar 
02/05 – Amsterdam, Holland – Rockclub The Cave
03/05 – Lugau, Germany – Iron Eagle Club
04/05 – Bialystok, Poland - Zubr fest vol 2. Taverna Trzy Korony
11/05 – Vilnius, Lithuania – Armageddon Descends fest.

For more info:


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