miércoles, 7 de enero de 2015

Deprive "Into Oblivion" CD (Memento Mori)

1. Catacombs of Betrayal
2. Nightsky Revelation
3. Fall of Entropy
4. Infamous Ossuary of Tribulation
5. Dethroned Messiah
6. Apocryphal Mausoleum
7. Immemorial Ritual Beyond Death
8. An Oath of Necrotical Mist
9. Into Oblivion
10. Divine Blood of the Deceased

"De Vermis Mysteriis" demo 2013 bonus track
11. The Arrival
12. Innards of Heaven
13. Below the Screams of the Dying
14. De Vermis Mysteriis

Line up
Erun Dagoth: All instruments, vocals.

Recorded, mixed and mastered in the Khazad-Dûm Studios in the last of 2014. Cover art, logo and layout by Erun Dagoth. 
Contact: labarosrecords@gmail.com

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