jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

New release!!

Pesticum "Fog's Nocturnal Sadness" MSP002

Release date: 13th of January, 2011.
Style: Raw Black Metal.
Format: Demo Tape.
Status: Sold Out

01. Odium I
02. Odium II
03. Odium III
04. Odium IV
05. Odium V
06. Odium VI
07. Odium VII

Recorded, mixed and mastered in Cave of the Graveyard in 2008.
Limited to 200 hand numbered copies.
Line up: Unknown.
Description: Black Metal in the old school vein, with influences from Isvind, early Taake, Graveland and Burzum.


As the band requested, this will be the only contact to obtain this demo. No more distribution will be accepted.

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