domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

The ancient remembrances of Moonshine

 Moonshine "Remembrance" MSP003

Release date: 19th of January, 2012.
Style: Blackened Death Metal with melody, in the old way.
Format: Digipack Demo CD.
Status: Available

We are proud to announce the third re-issue of "Remembrance", the classic demo of Moonshine, which was recorded back in 1999. This demo was self-financed and released by the band itself. Two years later, Dark Pressage Productions re-released it with their "The Voice of the Elders" (second demo, of 2001).

Into Boundless Spheres
Remembrance (The Awakener)
Quest for Immortality
Broken Epitaph
Reflected by the Stained Wall

The Hideaway (Bonus track)
Back to Earth (Bonus track)

Moonshine 2011

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