miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2012

The Death/Grind maniacs of UNDERNOISE!

Undernoise 2011

I am proud to announce a new band in promotion: UNDERNOISE. They crawl the Underground since around 1993/94.

The band has recorded a demo/rehearsal tape, one EP, one Split CD and two albums. Their last one, a big effort in Death Metal / Grind old School, as you can hear below.

Of course, you can get some copies of each album and the split writting here: labarosrecords@gmail.com
Ask for them. Soon there will be a special pack with lower prices.

"Historias de la Morgue" album (Hecatombe Records), 15 tracks in 37 min of pure brutal madness!

Booking/Contact: labarosrecords@gmail.com

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