lunes, 28 de enero de 2013

Among Centuries... the almost fogotten ones!!!

After of some time with no news and some problems with the line up, Moonshine returns with a new demo effort! This four track, plus two bonus tracks, demo is called "Among Centuries (Thy Will be Done", and will be out via Till you Fukkin Bleed Productions (Poland) in tape format.

Moonshine 2013

Line up:
Erun Dagoth - Bass, Vocals, Synths and Session Drums
Jose - Guitars
Kerkvs - Guitars

1. Thus Transmitted the Havoc Orb
2. Dismal Domain
3. Return in Affliction
4. The Voice of the Elders
5. Return in Affliction (Rough version - Bonus Track)
6. The Prophet's Sleepless Dream (Bonus Track)

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