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The Kings of the FORESTHRONE

Forestdome was created in early 2002 by Erun Dagoth, but some months later, it took the shape of the horns with the help of Uruksoth. 

After of some rehearsals, Gharador joined the horde, and Forestdome recorded "Mourningrim", being this first demo the first Khazad-Dûm Studios production, which was released via Draug-Dûr Productions and Aura Records in CD format and re-released via Nigra Mors in tape (with "La Cúpula del Bosque" as exclusive bonus song).

In early 2003, they recorded a promo song called "From the Deepness of Cold", and just a couple of months later, the third attack, with the name "The Woods of Ancient Domes". This demo, was used as a part of the three-way-split CD entitled "Iberian Black Metal War", out through Oniric Records in 2004.

Just after it's release, the Cantabrian horde spawned "When the River of Hate Tears Floods", which was used for another split CD with Hellveto and Phorcys. A cult piece of black art which was out via Fatal Ecstasy Productions in 2005.

In 2006, Forestdome created their last effort, with the name of "Ancient Shadows", helped by Varkhen as bass player. After of it, the band decided to stop activities and bury the legacy of the most primitive, cold and evil band born in the ancient Cantabria.

With the time, in 2010, A.M.F. Productions contacted the band and both decided to spread "Foresthrone", the compilation of all their stuff, in tape format.

In early 2013, thanks to Thor's Hammer Productions and Misanthropic Art Productions, the CD was out. 

Enjoy the darkest essence!!!

Line up:
Uruksoth - Vocals (CrystalMoors, Gathering Darkness, In Luna, Misere Nobis...)
Erun Dagoth - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (Hrizg, Briargh, CrystalMoors, Moonshine, Lucifuego...)
Gharador - Drums (CrystalMoors, Moonshine, Eldereon...)
Varkhen - Bass guitar on track "Ancient Shadows" (Fatal Portrait, Moonshine, Bittencross...)


2002 Mourningrim (Demo-EP)
2003 From the Deepness of Cold (Demo)
2004 The Woods of Ancient Domes (Demo)
2004 Iberian Black Metal War (Split CD)
2005 When the River of Hate Tears Floods (Split CD)
2010 Foresthrone (Compilation - Tape)
2013 Foresthrone (Compilation - CD)

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