sábado, 14 de junio de 2014

DEPRIVE is out!!!

Deprive is another solo project of Erun Dagoth, but this time, performing Death Metal in the old way. Influences that come from Morbid Angel to old Paradise Lost or Hypocrisy.

It was created in the mid of 2013 and a demo was recorded: "De Vermis Mysteriis". This demo was self-released in a very limited edition in tape format. 

In 2014, "Below the Shadows of Pestilence" was out also in tape format. This stuff was recorded in the previous years, with Gharador (CrystalMoors, ex-Forestdome) as session drums, but never released. Being a material in the vein of Deprive, Erun Dagoth decided to release it with the new project.

Now, you can get both recordings in one tape thanks to Till you Fukkin Bleed Records (Poland), a label that knows perfectly how Erun does his Death Metal sound. They released Eldereon's "Blood of the Dying" CD and Moonshine's "Among Centuries" demo tape. Now, you can get the perfect mix between both Moonshine and Eldereon. 

Here is all the information of their new release, featuring a new design and cover art. 

Deprive - new outfit from veteran of Spanish Death/Doom scene Erun Dagoth (known for taking part on some dozen of bands). This cassette consists of 2 bands demos - with total of 7 Death/Doom anthems.


Check samples:
then get the release here:

You can get Deprive tape along with other Erun's efforts, namely Eldereon and Moonshine here as bundle at special price:

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