lunes, 30 de junio de 2014

New releases are coming...


It is true that we have no updates in our website since some time. We had a lot of work in other projects. Anyway, the label is stronger than ever. In this month, we will unleash the misanthropic act EALD, a band which has gathered their two last demos in one tape, with a new sound obtained obtained in Khazad-Dûm Studios. Here is a sample of their fast and aggressive sound:

Just after of it, we will re-release the tape version of "Doomsday Juggernaut", from Edenkaiser, with a new cover art, made by us. Edenkaiser is a raw force of Old School Black/Thrash Metal for all the followers of Hellhammer, Celtic Frost and Venom, but they include some Black Metal of the second wave, like Mayhem, Darkthrone and some others. Now, they are preparing their first album and playing a lot of gigs. Here is their Youtube channel, where you can find their stuff: Edenkaiser.

Another piece of Thrash/Black Metal art is Carnal Dread, from Greece. They perform a more thrashened Black Metal than Edenkaiser, with a clearer sound, in the vein of old Sodom and Kreator, but with the violence of Destroyer 666 and this way. The tape version should be out next to Edenkaiser and Eald. A CD version will be out through Metal Throne Productions, also from Greece. I can't put a video due to shitTube, but you can hear some of them in their official Youtube channel. Here

Djevelkult, the great Norwegian Black Metal cult will spread their poison worldwide in this month too, but this time in CD. This will be our second CD release, and their awesome black art deserves the best from us. We are working in their booklet so, we expect finish everything in this month. It seems that July will be a hot month for releases.

But we have more news concerning the bands we are working:

- Moonshine has passed away, one more time. The Death/Black Metal band is dead. They re-started to rehearse again in 2008, but in 2010 their return was a reality and there appeared a lot of gigs around. They only did one, in the last of 2011. Just after of it, their drummer left, when they were able to enter to studio to record their first full album. Since then, no drummer has appeared and the other members are immersed in other projects (Opposer, Deprive/Hrizg/Briargh, LCH...) so, there is no reason to keep this flame alive. 

- Regarding OPPOSER, they will perform a special gig on 19th July in the "the Extreme Sessions VIII" with Barbarian Prophecies, in Santander. This is special, because there is the 20th Aniversary since they performed their first gig. A special t-shirt will be ready for this event so stay tunned! Just after this show, they will start their rehearsals of their new stuff. They plan to record a new album which I can advance that will sound fucking great! This album with be out via Morbid Shrine Productions too, in CD format.

- Hrizg is back on the label. After the release of "Individualism", the third opus, thanks to Moribund Records, Hrizg will re-release a remastered version of "Enemy of Weakness" on tape format. Remember that this stuff was released in 2008 by Final Embrace Records, in split tape with Mortuus Caelum (Greece). Now, Hrizg will unleash it again plus the never released demo "Pestis Flava". This stuff was recorded and mixed in 2007 (the same year than was "Enemy of Weakness"), but it was never out due to the poor sound. Now, Hrizg is remixing/remastering it in Khazad-Dûm Studios obtaining an awesome sound. This stuff will be out on August with the simple name of "XXVII".

- Chains ov Beleth is recording their  second album for Morbid Shrine Productions. It's name is "Christeos Chaos", and the twisted and dark sound will be a great piece of art of this one-man-band which counts with the mastermind of Eald. We expect this release for the last of this year, if all goes well. You can obtain more info of this band in our official website (which will be updated soon with more arrivals and releases).

- Neverendinghate is a name that you should keep in mind, if you were of the like of Lucifuego and bands like them. More news soon.

- Briargh will re-release their first album "Kanttrug" in cooperation with Fatal Ecstasy Productions (Belarus) in digipack CD, and with new design and layout. This stuff will be ready during August/September. This album was recorded in early 2005 and the first issue was out via Draug-Dûr Productions (RIP). In 2008 or 2009, Fatal Ecstasy Productions did their release but now, we will offer a better stuff and distribution. 
Meanwhile, Erun Dagoth is recording the third album, which name will be "Eboros". The sound is rawer than the last split CDs, being the perfect continue for "Krigas". This album will be out through Lower Silesian Stronghold (Poland). 

- We are official distributors of Grimuack's "Exsurgat Satanas", their third album. An awesome stuff you can't leave. For only 8€ you can get one of the best Black Metal albums from the land of the true Inquisitors. Write us now to

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