jueves, 25 de septiembre de 2014

CARNAL DREAD "Black Thrashing Rites" Cass-EP

Cat. Nº: MSP010
Recorded and mixed at Entasis Studios.
Limited to 50 Tapes.
Kostas P. - Vocals
Alex D. - Guitars
George K. - Drums
John P. - Drums
Description: Furious Thrash/Black Metal in the way of bands like Gospel of the Horns, Destroyer 666 and the masters like the mid 80`s era of Kreator and Sodom.

Black Thrashing Rites

1. Demonstorm Downfall (Intro)
2. Mortal Breed
3. Black Thrashing Rites
4. Delirium Phrenic Disorder
5. Expelled to Hellfire
6. Antihuman Toxin

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labarosrecords@gmail.com (label)

antihumannecrotic@gmail.com (band)

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