jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2014


We are proud to announce the signing of NEVERENDINGHATE, the combo project of the two bosses of Morbid Shrine Productions (Erun and Enserune). 

NEVERENDINGHATE lyrical concept was created by Enserune in the last of 90s, but it took shape during the next century, when she met Erun Dagoth and started to work in the project.

Taking and adapting some drums recorded by Erun in 2005, they wrote and recorded "La Caída de los Ídolos", just after their split up from LUCIFUEGO, in 2013. A demo that is made by an old school fury in the vein of the early masters, like HELLHAMMER, CELTIC FROST, MAYHEM, SODOM.

Enserune - Vokills/Bass
Erun - Drums/Guitars

Morbid Shrine Productions will release this demo in tape version, in a very Underground way, like in the old days. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, Djevelkult and Carnal Dread is in the way, and next to be out will be Edenkaiser. Support!!! www.facebook.com/morbidshrineproductions 

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